Einstein's Letter

Produced and Directed by: John Maggio and Barak Goodman
Written by: John Maggio
Edited by: Nancy Kennedy
Camera: Stephen McCarthy
Original Music: Gary Lionelli

Part of the groundbreaking Ten Days That Unexpectedly Changed America series, "Einstein's Letter" writes a new page in the history of the Atomic Bomb. 10 Days that Saved America: Einstein's Letter documents the remarkable evolution of the atom bomb from its perceived idea, to the physics behind a self-sustained nuclear chain reaction to its development in the Manhattan project. The development of the bomb, by Leo Szilard, Enrico Fermi and indirectly Albert Einstein, is arguably the most decisive scientific development of the 20th century and maybe single most important scientific undertaking the United States has ever accomplished. The aggressive project, developed by foreigners on American soil, was enacted under supreme secrecy, but The History Channel brings a new and innovative chronological analysis to light. Utilizing reenactments, primary sources, expert historians, Einstein's actual letters, recordings from FDR, and authentic video clips from the earlier half of the 20th century, the program thoroughly explains Einstein and Szilard's dilemma as well as the bureaucratic hurdles that the two faced in their quest to defend America and free the world from widespread fear of the Nazi regime.