Precinct Hollywood

Produced and Directed by: Muriel Soenens and Rachel Dretzin
Written by: Rachel Dretzin
Edited by: Pamela Scott Arnold
Original Music: Gary Lionelli

Since the earliest days of movies, Hollywood has been obsessed by cops and robbers. In this fast-paced and exciting documentary, Ark Media covers more than three decades of cop movies from Serpico to Narc. Talking intimately with filmmakers such as William Friedkin, Martin Bregman, Antoine Fuqua, James Mangold, Joe Carnahan and actors such as Ray Liotta and Roy Scheider, Precinct Hollywood explores the evolution of the Hollywood "cop film" from the gritty realism of the 70's to the romanticized versions of the men in blue and shows how the genre has closely tracked the cultural and political milieus in which they were made.