The Lost Children of Rockdale County

Produced and Directed by: Rachel Dretzin and Barak Goodman
Written by: Rachel Dretzin and Barak Goodman
Associate Producer: Stephanie Ault
Edited by: Steve Audette, Juliet Weber, and Amanda Zinoman
Narrated by: Will Lyman
Original Music: Paul Mertens and Susan Voelz

The Lost Children of Rockdale County explores how a 1996 syphilis outbreak in a well-off Atlanta suburb affected over 200 teenagers and revealed their lives unknown to parents: group sex, binge drinking, drugs and violence. Some were as young as twelve and thirteen years old.

Although the program begins with an enquiry into how and why the syphilis outbreak happened, it becomes in the end a wider, deeper examination of the world of teenagers and their relationships with each other and with their parents. The report interweaves frank conversations with the parents of teens, as well as interviews with community leaders and educators and with the medical professionals who investigated the syphilis outbreak. The program sketches a portrait of Rockdale County and its only town, Conyers. In interviews with a cross-section of Rockdale's teenagers, the teens are brutally honest in talking about their world. They describe sexual promiscuity, the new rules of dating and sex, their yearning to fit in and have friends, and their desire for attention--even discipline--from parents who confess they don't know how to--or are just too busy or too tired, to discipline, monitor or talk to their children about the important issues. The Lost Children of Rockdale County ends with mention of the shooting at Rockdale's Heritage High in the spring of 1999 which captured national headlines. The Heritage shooting came a month after the Columbine High shootings in suburban Denver. The producers of this FRONTLINE report see a link between the Heritage High shooting and the syphilis outbreak three years earlier: they both are a metaphor for a deeper malady afflicting so many adolescents today, not just in Rockdale County.  

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