Billy The Kid

Written, Produced and Directed by: John Maggio
Associate Producer: Julia Marchesi
Edited by: George O'Donnell
Director of Photography: Stephen McCarthy
Original Music: Gary Lionelli

Billy The Kid is a fascinating look at the myth and the man behind it. An outlaw with a deadly reputation, Billy the Kid was gunned down by an ambitious sheriff on July 14, 1881. The felling of one of the most notorious criminals of the age was instantly national news. First demonized by the lawman who killed him, the Kid was soon mythologized by a never-ending stream of dime store romances and big-screen dramas. Billy the Kid features interviews with a wide variety of Western historians and writers, and puts a human face on the legend who in just a few short years transformed himself from a skinny orphan boy to the most feared man in the West to an enduring icon. 

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