Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise Nominated for News & Doc Emmy

Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise is nominated for a News & Doc Emmy for Outstanding Historical Documentary! It is nominated alongside Best of Enemies, Team Foxcatcher, UNDERFIRE: The Untold Story of Pfc. Tony Vaccaro, and No Más Bebés for the 38th News & Doc Emmy Awards.

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New York Times Review: ‘Ruby Ridge’ Revisits a 1992 Siege With Current Resonance

The New York Times' Mike Hale reviews our next American Experience film, Ruby Ridge, calling it a "vivid, personal account" of a moment "when the promise of America is violently betrayed".

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Variety Review of 'Oklahoma City': "riveting" "haunting experience"

Variety's Owen Gleiberman gives a glowing in-depth review of Oklahoma City at Sundance Film Festival! He states that "there are certain documentaries... that heighten and clarify the past in a way that can shed revelatory light upon the present. That’s the sort of movie that “Oklahoma City” is."

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HuffPost Exclusive Trailer Premiere: ‘Oklahoma City’ Trailer Links Timothy McVeigh’s Terrorism To The Advance Of White Supremacy

The Huffington Post writes about Ark's American Experience Film, Oklahoma City, noting "it is a document of patriotism turned into radicalism, a familiar notion amid the alarming nationalist force that has only become more incentivized in the wake of Donald Trump’s election". Huffington Post also has the exclusive trailer premiere. 

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John Maggio talks Italian Americans on CUNY TV

The 4-hour PBS documentary, "The Italian Americans" is the work of author Maria Laurino, "The Italian Americans: A History" and filmmaker John Maggio who have come together to explore the lives and contribution of Italian Americans. Laurino is author of "Were You Always Italian?" and "Old World Daughter, New World Mother." Maggio appears regularly on FRONTLINE and American Experience.