About The Company

20 years and counting. Barak Goodman and Rachel Dretzin founded Ark Media in 1996, and were joined by partner John Maggio in 2003. Together they have grown Ark into one of America’s leading production houses, creating non-fiction series, theatrical documentaries, and one-off television specials on a wide variety of subjects. Throughout the years, Ark has nurtured an ever growing roster of talent and collaborated with passionate and innovative filmmakers who elevate our work to this day.

Ark films have been honored with four national prime time Emmy Awards, an Academy Award nomination, the DuPont Columbia baton, three George H. Foster Peabody Awards, among other awards and accolades.



Executive Producer, Producer/Director, Writer

Rachel Dretzin is co-founder of Ark Media and a principal producer, director, and writer with the company. She has been producing and directing documentaries since 1994.  Currently, she is directing a two-hour documentary special for MSNBC about the press, and is in pre-production on a a six-part limited series about Malcolm X. Her feature documentary adaptation of Andrew Solomon's monumental nonfiction book, "Far From the Tree,"produced in partnership with Participant Media,  is scheduled for theatrical release in 2018.. Read More


Executive Producer, Producer/Director, Writer

Barak Goodman is co-founder of Ark Media and a principal producer, director, and writer with the company. His films for Ark Media have been nominated for an Academy Award and won multiple Emmys and Writers Guild Awards, the DuPont-Columbia, and Peabody Awards, the RFK Journalism Prize, and twice been official selections at the Sundance Film Festival. Currently, he is directing a two-hour American Experience film on the rise of the militant right during the 1990’s.
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Executive Producer, Producer/Director, Writer

John Maggio is a principle producer, director and writer with Ark Media.  His work appears regularly on both of PBS's premier series: FRONTLINE and American Experience, including Kinsey, Billy the Kid, College Inc. and The Private Life of Bradley Manning. Maggio's films have been honored with the National Emmy Award, Writers Guild Award, an Independent Spirit Award nomination, as well as multiple News and Documentary Emmy Award nominations. His work has premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and has screened at festivals around the world. He recently completed the four-part PBS series The Italian Americans in 2015. His latest film Into the Amazon will premiere in 2018 on American Experience.  He’s currently directing a feature documentary for HBO. Maggio lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and two boys. Read More