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Wonders: Are We Alone?

Are We Alone seeks to answer the age-old question that scientists and philosophers have wondered for millennia:

Are we humans the only intelligent beings in this immense universe?

Guided by expert-hosts, this film explores how the most brilliant minds on the planet are looking for life – and intelligence – elsewhere in the universe. Are We Alone? features scientists whose provocative research challenges our notions of intelligent life beyond Earth, in galaxies far, far away.

The film also examines how breakthrough scientific technologies are providing unprecedented insights to this search. In addition to reviewing the remarkable discoveries of exoplanets by the Kepler Space Telescope mission, the film explores the promise of future telescope missions such as the James Webb and Giant Magellan telescopes. It ponders the possibility of finding microbial life on one of Jupiter’s icy moons, Europa. Driven by cutting-edge technology and research, the search for life in our universe is the paramount example of human civilization's urge to explore new frontiers.

Phil Bertelsen